3 Ways to Nourish Your Inner Artist


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What are you doing to nourish and nurture your Inner Artist?

I ask this question because it is one that I am struggling with myself; a question that I write about, almost every day. It’s also at the fore front of my mind because I see so many of my clients and colleagues struggling with the same challenge.

As artists, whatever form our ‘art’ takes, our work is about expressing, about out-putting, about creating something out of nothing. We take ideas, information, and inspirations and turn them into novels, paintings, poems, songs, events, installations, photographs, operas, sculptures, movies, et al.
Creating is bloody hard work. And, as energizing and fulfilling as it is, it also depletes us. For creativity flows from us, out of us.

So, what are you doing to nourish your Inner Artist?

Here are 3 things I am doing (not as often perhaps as I ought to):

1. Hanging out with other artists

Growing up, my JW step-mother repeatedly told me, “bad associations spoil useful habits”. I’ve transformed that counsel into, “spending time with other creative types will nurture my Inner Artist”. Recently I decided to become a member of the Calgary Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. And, I’ve rebooted my membership in a couple of online writing communities on Yahoo and Facebook.

2. Spending time alone, preferably in nature

Don’t spend too much time with others, even with other artists. Why? Because creativity flows from our connection with God and that connection is best nurtured by being alone.

Several years ago I first noticed that I often felt better when I was camping in the mountains. So, now I nourish my Inner Artist by going for a daily walk in one of the city’s many parks and I try to escape to the mountains at least once a month.

3. Reading, reading, reading.

I admit it, I’m an information addict and self professed Bookaholic. My rationale is that to generate creative ideas you have to input data. So, I consume copious amounts of information from an eclectic plethora of sources: books, blogs, newsletters, and magazines.

What about you? What information and ideas do you feed your Inner Artist? Do they fertilize your mind or poison it? Do they create new connections and stir possibilities or do they stifle innovation? Do you read outside your field of specialty or do you stick inside the box?

Online I consume frequent doses of TED Talks and YouTube inspirational videos. What are you watching? How does it nourish you? Does it expand your thinking and creativity or limit it? Is it mindless viewing or mindful?


A special BIG THANK YOU to my former client Alex Brown, The Project Management Guru with a Heart, for the lengthy, provocative chat about the impact of environment on the tender Artistic soul. That dendritic discussion energized and inspired this newsletter – thanks dude!


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