5 Minutes To New Ideas

Want to write an article, a scene in your novel, a blog post … but you’re stuck!

Here’s a great way to kick start the creative process (Thanks to Dara the fearless new president of CARWA for this idea!)

1. Grab a random book from your library. You DO have a library don’t you?

2. Turn to a random page.

3. Pick a paragraph, again, randomly.

4. Write down the first 7 words of the first sentence of that paragraph.

5. Use those 7 words as a “writing prompt”. That is, these 7 words will be beginning of paragraph.

6. Set a timer for 5 minutes!

7. Start writing and don’t STOP until the timer goes. Just write your buns off.

8. Celebrate your achievement! Chocolate is always good.

Now, review what you’ve written to see how you can weave it into your novel or turn it into  an article or blog post.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how creative and productive you can be when you’re under (mild) pressure.

Now, GO DO IT!