Are you a creative, eclectic, and multitalented professional?

Would you like to have a successful business AND a meaningful, rewarding life?

What’s keeping you awake at night?? Do you yearn to discover a new career that allows you to fully and authentically express ALL your unique gifts? Do you have an idea about the career and work you want to pursue but don’t know how to get started? Do you have a business but are struggling to develop a management team that can inspire your employees?

I can help you discover and create the life and business you want.

I work exclusively with creative solopreneurs and the leadership teams of creative enterprises. I, and my network of associates, provide all the services you (and your people) will need to create thriving organizations and rewarding lives.

We can assist you with Business Development, Strategic Planning, Organization Effectiveness, and Employee and Career Development. I’ve worked with a broad range of creative leaders and organizations.

My name is Lyle Lachmuth and I’d love to help you create the organization and life of your dreams.

I work with multi-talented, eclectic Creative Professionals who want to wear more than one hat!

Do you feel like you are juggling so many different ‘hats’ that you’re not sure where to focus?

Or, do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Is this you:

  • You’re a creative and multitalented, independent professional who is struggling to find the just-right focus for your career and work. You’re searching for authentic ways to promote your many talents. And, you yearn to make a great living doing what you love
  • You’ve enjoyed a successful career and life but now find yourself feeling discontented. You feel you should be doing something important or meaningful but you’re not quite sure what that is
  • You feel like the proverbial square peg in the round hole. You can do your existing job well but somehow it just doesn’t “fit”
  • After working for years in the same career you suddenly find yourself unemployed AND no longer able to get a job. You’re bright, intelligent, and motivated and certain you could make a success of a new career — if you could just figure out what it was you wanted to do
  • You’ve had a super, high paying job that was great fun at the time. But, now it seems your heart’s calling you to a more human service oriented life. Even more scary for you it seems you’re called to become an independent professional. And, you need to qucikly learn how to set up a practice and promote your talents
  • You’re a successful creative professional like a writer, author, artist, designer, but you’re suffering from creative block and need to get unstuck
  • Your career is going well. You love what you’re doing. But, you’re not making as much money as you’d like to and you want to learn new strategies for marketing and promoting your services, or
  • You have as successful practice in the helping professions — you’re a therapist, counsellor, or healer — and you’re looking for ways to focus your practice, grow your business, rid yourself of less-than-ideal clients, and make more revenue

If one or more of the preceding descriptions fit you … then Welcome!

I work with Creative, Eclectic, &/or Multitalented professionals. That’s you isn’t it?

I’ve been helping people just like you since the mid 1970s.

Creative Professionals I’ve Helped

Trying to describe a creative professional is kind of like trying to describe a sunset to a blind person. But, that’s not going to stop me from trying.
Are you a creative professional? See if any of the following fit for you:

  • Complex — you have many facets to your personality and hate being ‘put in a box’ or labelled,
  • Relish change — you dislike, perhaps loath, structure and sameness and thrive in an unstructured, spontaneous environment where you can react creatively to stimuli,
  • Emotional — you are in touch with your feelings and values and they form a critical part of and inspire your creative expression,
  • Artistic — you are driven to express yourself by creating through writing, singing, acting, photograpy, painting, sculpting, and so on,
  • Talented — you have several inborn gifts and thrive when you are able to practice and express them, preferably together,
  • Idealistic — you are an optimist at heart, have high, often perfectionistic, standards, look for the best in others, and guide your life by your values,
  • Verbal — you have a way with words, you are an adept and able communicator, if not ‘out loud’ then certainly in your writing, and
  • Eclectic — you are interested in a variety of topics and draw your creative inspiration from disparate genres.

I’ve worked with creative, independent professionals in all manner of occupations. Here are examples of a few of the professionals I’ve coached:

  • A Marketing consultant who felt stuck about how to market himself (ironic eh!)
  • A Speech Development consultant who wanted to refocus her practice and create a new marketing plan
  • A holistic dentist and his wife, the office manager, who wanted help identifying new careers and creating individualized but complimentary career transition plans
  • An Organization Development consultant who needed help creating and implementing a marketing plan for a new workshop
  • A Hypnotherapist who wanted to change the focus of her practice, offer and promote group sessions, and develop a passive revenue stream
  • An Organization Effectiveness Consultant who wanted to transition into a career as a shamanic practitioner and wanted help in marketing that
  • An introverted Knowledge Management consultant who needed help growing his successful practice by narrowing his focus; creating a marketing plan and improving his marketing materials for that new focus; and learning how to network
  • A young couple of creatives, she an Extraverted graphic designer and he an Introverted writer, who needed help improving communication and learning better strategies for dealing with conflict in their relationship
  • A PhD candidate who wanted help getting past writer’s block with his dissertation, assistance with managing anxiety, and coaching to transition to an independent practice, including help with marketing and promotion
  • An independent Graphic Designer who struggled with debt and lack of clients
  • A Boutique Advertising Agency whose staff were struggling with stress and teamwork issues
  • A Top 40 Radio Program Director who wanted help transitioning to a career as a Life Coach and needed guidance on marketing and self-promotion their practice
  • An Insurance Professional who wanted to uncover a new career and needed assistance with developing and implementing a career transition plan.

Did you see yourself in the list of characteristics? Or, did an occupation or one of my client’s challenges caught your attention?

How I can help you

I call myself a coach. But, when you work with me you get more than just a coach. You get:

  • A seasoned (that’s a nice word for old-guy-who’s-been-around) professional coach, consultant, and counsellor with more than 35 years of real-world business experience
  • I’ve worked as an employee of small and large companies so I understand the stresses faced by today’s worker
  • I’ve also started, managed, and marketed 2 independent businesses — I know what it takes to grow a business from nothing to a 6-figure annual income
  • A person who’s been where you are and figured out how to get past those blocks, barriers, and internal demons
  • A coach who genuinely cares about your success. Yes, I really do care. Here’s what one client said, “xxx” And, you can find more out more when you read my Client Success Stories
  • A mentor who can teach you the techniques and tricks you’ll need to suceed.And, I’ll teach them in a way that suits how you need to learn

You might ask what is coaching and how can coaching help me?

What is coaching?

I’ve always enjoyed helping people.Whether is was solving problems for them by creating computer programs that would automate tedious engineering calculations. Or, working with them to redesign their business processes to be smoother and faster. Or, teaching them how to be a better manager or leader.

When I left corporate Canada to start my own company I knew I wanted to work with smaller businesses, especially with 1-person businesses like my own.

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