Cut Through The F.O.G. and Get Your Writing & Career In Gear!

What you will learn:

Create a Crystal Clear Vision of your life, career, and writing business

  • How to turn that Vision into tangible Flexi-Goals, S.M.A.R.T. objectives, and easily doable steps
  • Identify the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your dreams
  • How to differentiate between real and perceived barriers
  • How F.E.A.R. creates seemingly insurmountable barriers and the steps you can take to reduce and eliminate the F.E.A.R.s that plague your work and life
  • Simple ‘tricks’ you can use to unblock your writing
  • How to apply the A.R.I.A process to develop Self-Awareness and continually grow personally and professionally
  • The cause(s) of Overwhelm and tactics for reducing and eliminating Overwhelm
  • Tips for Getting Started when you are stuck, blocked, or just plain don’t feel like working
  • How to create a picture of your balanced life and the steps you need to take to restore and maintain the balance you need and want
  • How to create a customized life, work, and career development plan for 2008

You will receive:

  • A comprehensive workbook containing worksheets, tips, and advice you can use long after the workshop is over
  • ONE MONTH of FREE Follow up tele-coaching support

Your Facilitator:

This practical, hands-on learning event will be facilitated by Lyle T. Lachmuth. Lyle is THE Unsticking™ Coach and he provides professional business, career, and life coaching and consulting services to professional writers, best selling authors, and advises professionals who want to successfully navigate the transition to becoming a freelance writer. Lyle is a freelance writer, published poet, and aspiring mystery novelist. He has been training and coaching professionals for more than 35 years.