My Approach

Did you ever have a teacher who changed your life?

I did. In Grade 8, Mr. Cody was the first teacher who ever allowed me to work at my own pace. He taught us math. And, we knew in January what homework had be done for each and every week of the year, right up to June and exam time. I had my homework done by April!!

From that experience I learned that I wasn’t stupid. In fact, just the opposite, that I could learn on my own — and at my own pace!

“What’s that got to do with me”, you ask.

This: I’d love the opportunity to help you dramatically change your fotunes and your life. I want to be your teacher, your coach, your partner in dreaming, planning, and creating a new career or life.

Q: What’s a coach do?

I used to call what I do one-on-one consulting. Today, I use the word coach to describe what I do. Essentially, I’m a special kind of teacher. No, not like the ones who made school boring, dull, or hell.

I’m a teacher who focuses on helping you bring out your best. I can do this because I’ve most likely experienced what your facing right now — I’ve been through some really, really tough times and survived. And, I can teach you techniques, tricks, and strategies that will get you unstuck and get you moving again.

Q: What can you do for me?

Here’s a peek at some of the things I can do for you:

  • Struggling to figure out what kind of career would be fulfilling — and financially rewarding? I will guide you through a proven 4-step Creative Career
  • I will teach you critical life, career, relationship, and business skills
  • I will help you to re-examine the way you think about things and help learn how to develop critical thinking skills
  • Sometimes all you need is someone who will listen — I will do that and I will be so supportive that you walk away positive and energized
  • I can be an objective sounding board to test your ideas and plans

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Click here and shoot me an e-mail. I’d be happy to call you and answer your questions.